First post

Posted: January 27, 2011 in General
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Welcome to Velocity Men’s Ministry. No, I don’t actually expect anyone to read this post at the moment, but I couldn’t leave the out of the box “hello world” nonsense up there. That’ just not my style.

So what’s all this about you might ask? In a word, men. Real men. Godly men. Men who are not afraid to stand up and point to Jesus as their savior. Men who lead their families–not in the sense of “my way or the highway” but rather as a servant.

This blog is also about taking a journey. As it happens, that’s the name of my church; because, as we say there, if we had arrived we’d call it the destination. It’s about growth. It’s about service, and it’s about community. Why? Because none of us has arrived (if you have, I’ll turn the reigns over to you) and God created us to be in community so we can help each other remain focused on Him as we grow.

Anyway, I hope that this is a blessing to you as I’m sure it will be to me.

Grace and peace,



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